Top 10: the longest non-stop flights in the world

If you think that flights between Europe and America, or Asia and Africa, are too long, then think twice. Because they pale in comparison to the world’s ten longest non-stop flights, all with a minimum flying time of

Why did Concorde fly at 60,000 feet, while normal jets fly at 30,000?

Writer:  Paul Tomblin, Private Pilot, ASEL-IA, High Performance and Complex, currently inactive Concorde had a maximum cruise altitude of 18,300 meters (60,039 ft) and an average cruise speed of Mach 2.02, about 1155 knots (2140 km/h or 1334 mph),

Top 10 Largest Airplanes in the World

Airplanes have revolutionised transport system with greater capacity to carry passengers and being the fastest mean of transport. Airplanes play a major role in military operations and in airlifting of cargos and humans to distant places around

The most heroic airline pilots of all time

A China Eastern Airlines pilot has been labelled a hero, and presented with a cash reward, after his quick thinking avoided a runway collision that could have killed up to 439 people. According to Chinese media, the

The real reason you’re told you put your mobile in flight mode

“Please set your portable electronic devices, including any mobile phones, to flight mode.” It is a plea heard by passengers at the beginning of thousands of flights around the world each day, and an instruction the vast

New Boeing 797 Big Aircraft 1000 Seat

Boeing is preparing a 1000 passenger jet that could reshape the Air travel industry for the next 100 years.The radical Blended Wing design has been developed by Boeing in cooperation with the NASA Langley Research Centre. The mammoth plane will

Aircraft Landing gear extension and retraction system.

(a)General. For airplanes with retractable landing gear, the following apply: (1) Each landing gear retracting mechanism and its supporting structure must be designed for maximum flight load factors with the gear retracted and must be designed for the combination of friction, inertia, brake

How does a Aircraft brake in Air

In aeronautics, air brakes or speedbrakes are a type of flight control surfaces used on an aircraft to increase drag or increase the angle of approach during landing. Air brakes differ from spoilers in that air brakes are designed to increase drag while making little change to lift, whereas spoilers reduce

Aircraft Emergency oxygen system

Aircraft emergency oxygen systems are emergency equipment fitted to pressurized commercial aircraft, intended for use when the cabin pressurisation system has failed and the cabin altitude has climbed above a safe level. It consists of a number of individual yellow oxygen masks stored in compartments

So THAT’S Why Airplane Engines Are So Big Now

At first glance, a commercial jet engine may look like an engineering outlier. Nearly everything else we see on planes has gotten smaller and more streamlined over the years. So why have engines continued to grow? SCROLL