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Why Airplanes Cannot Fly Over The Bermuda Triangle?

The human imagination tends to go into overdrive when confronted with clear evidence of consistent forces at play and no solid comprehension of what those forces really are – few places reveal this trait more than the

Top 10: the longest non-stop flights in the world

If you think that flights between Europe and America, or Asia and Africa, are too long, then think twice. Because they pale in comparison to the world’s ten longest non-stop flights, all with a minimum flying time of

Is it possible to fly an airliner with one pilot?

Totally possible. Not standard because of the high workload and definitely not advisable, but it’s a scenario pilots train for over and over again throughout their careers. All the training is because of the always present possibility

Top 10 Pilot Errors

There’s a common misconception that critical pilot errors occur only during flight. A surprising number of accidents result from inadequate preflight, like using checklists and forgetting to fasten the cockpit door (above). They’re small mistakes that could