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Why is fuel stored in the wings of aircraft?

Fuel is stored in 3 tanks, however, contrary to popular belief, the 737–800 has 5 tanks. They are – The surge tanks are not counted to the fuel capacity of the aircraft but act as a precaution,

Aircraft Emergency oxygen system

Aircraft emergency oxygen systems are emergency equipment fitted to pressurized commercial aircraft, intended for use when the cabin pressurisation system has failed and the cabin altitude has climbed above a safe level. It consists of a number of individual yellow oxygen masks stored in compartments

Can planes take off in a hail storm?

Airplanes that fly through hail are usually damaged; therefore pilots avoid areas of hail. As an extreme example, in 1977, a Southern Airway DC-9 had both engines destroyed by hail, causing a forced landing. Flying through a

Why don’t planes fly over Tibet?

The Tibetan Plateau is the roof of the world. While most people define it by the epic ranges to the north and south (Kunlun Mountains and Himalayas), it’s not immediately obvious that the “low” areas average above 12,000′. There’s an issue

Airbus A380 The Early Death of An Aircraft And Era.

A Legendary Aircraft:  The A380 is a legendary aircraft. It illustrates brilliant aeronautical engineering, technology, comfort and is in fact one of the best ever built civilian airliners in the history of aviation. Unfortunately, unless a huge

What would happen if airline pilots died during flight?

Double pilot incapacitation doesn’t happen because all airline pilots have to pass a strict medical every six months, they don’t eat the same food and they do not accept food and drink gifts from passengers. I can’t